It was winter in Naples, although it’s a stretch calling the weather “winter”, anyway, it was cooler than usual. I was in the middle of a personal project I call Unity. It’s a series of photographs that use an old glass fishing ball to represent the collective human soul. So, I’m walking the beach the sun is slowly moving towards the horizon, I see a lone piling sticking out of the water. I tell myself I have enough pictures of pilings, so I walk past. After about half an hour of looking for a shot I’m back staring at the piling, and the light is perfect, the tide has risen, but the water is calm and still. I realize now, I simply have to take the picture. So I drop my jeans down to my undies and wade out to the spot, the water is waist high. I place the fishing ball on top of the piling and it instantly catches the light in a way that it looks like it has it’s own light. I grab the shot, and it’s now one of my favorite images…who could have known!