I'm often asked questions about the images I create. The questions are usually not technical. They are usually where, why, and not how. The image above of the fish and the glass fishing ball very nearly didn't happen. Let me tell you the story!


It started by chance. I had been working on a passion project of mine called "Contemplations" - a series of short films using my landscapes animated and set to music with me narrating my thoughts on subjects that we all share as human beings, such as love, forgiveness, kindness, etc. This was my effort to bring people together. However, I had been struggling to create one particular film I called "Geography of the Soul”.  I needed something to represent the human soul, our commonality, our connectivity, and I was stumped. I couldn't come up with anything that didn't seem like a cliche!


Then, one morning I was in the bathroom combing my hair and on the shelf I noticed an old glass fishing ball that my wife, Jan, had found on the beach on a remote island in the Sea of Japan. It suddenly struck me that I could use it as a metaphor for the human soul -  a reminder that no matter where we find ourselves in life, our connection to each other remains the same. It turned out to be more than just a couple of images needed for a short film...I was on fire with ideas! I decided to create a whole series that I now call Unity.


So… it was January 202. I was on the beach in Naples Florida and it was cold by Florida standards. I had just finished the twenty third image in the series. I was wrapping up the shoot, knowing I had gotten what I wanted, and pretty much felt I had finished the series. I was looking forward to a warm car and hot cup of coffee! As I walked back to my car I saw this glorious looking fish, complete, and just lying on the beach perfectly preserved. I remember thinking, "I just want to go home.” and I walked past. Then it hit me. “Are you crazy…when will you see that again? It’s a gift!” And it was. If you go through the series, this is the last one, and it's the perfect ending. And it never fails to put a smile on my face. Sometimes we have to step outside of our head and see the gifts just waiting for us.


To take a look at the series you can check it out here.