I live in Naples Florida, it's a beautiful beach town on the edge of the tropics. Which means it has white sandy beaches...lot's of white sandy beaches. I guess if I had filet Mignon every night, at some point you say "enough already" Too much of the same thing may be ok if you just want to swim and hang out at the beach, but creatively it's pretty limiting. This is the reason I haven't been shooting lately...just a lack of inspiration.

So, what's a guy to do, well, dig deeper, look at the same places, but with a different eye, a different lens, but whatever it was I knew I needed to "do". Creativity is a flow and if you don't keep the flow going then you stagnate. it's all well and good to say "i'm resting in fallow" which does have it's place, but at some point you've just go to get out and "do".

Having said that I visited a spot I've photographed many times and forced myself to look a little deeper. This is what I got, yes it looks like other work, but hey, you have to start somewhere.