For the creatives….I thought I'd share my thoughts.

I'm finally comfortable thinking of myself, and referring to myself, as a creative and with that I understand my position, my contribution. I finally understand the process, what is needed, what is required when you see yourself this way.

I see the job of a creative is simply to create, not judge. The job is to do the absolute best you can at any moment, not the best that you've ever done, you then polish it, carve it, fashion it, make it all you can and then you share it. It's a stream, a river, that contains good and, well, not so good, but the two are part of the same flow one behind the other. You have to throw it all out to keep it all moving forward...they are inseparable.

Over time, all the work becomes pretty good and sometimes even great. The thing to remember is that the stuff you feel isn't that good can still touch somebody, effect them, connect with them, help them, that's why you have to put it all out, because it's from you, through's important. This is a source we are all a part of, that's what we share and why art, without a doubt, joins us all together regardless of race, creed, politics or religion. It gives us solace and shelter, hope and peace and joy and connection. It's within all of us and everyone has a voice...we just have to believe in ourselves and find it.