I think there’s a lot of sadness out there, a lot of uncertainty, a desire to want to run away, but at the same time knowing there’s nowhere to run to….there’s also a lot of happiness a lot of good, a lot of kindness and a lot of hope. We have all of these things going on, mostly simultaneously and it’s exhausting. It’s been a long few years of COVID of uncertainty, economic stress, of shattered dreams, but the change has also brought good things too. For me, a better understanding of who I am, a peeling away of old fears and outdated mindsets, a reset, taking stock, making plans, lol, always making plans. I am however more sure than ever that we are all connected, that love is a connection, that people matter more than things, that old friends matter, that some people spend brief moments in our lives but have a place in our hearts forever, that who we are is forged by those who loved us and hurt us, and we stand on top of all of it, we are what we are because of it.

As we age we reflect, we get to value people, mostly retrospectively, because we have the whole landscape of our life to see them in context. Some shine bright, a few shine the brightest. I am grateful for all of them the big the small the good the bad, I am here now, as I am, because of all of it. Do I feel content, complete, at peace? I wish I could say I was, I can say for sure, sometimes, but not always, however I now think that’s what this is, life, it’s messy, it changes, so we just have to simply hang on and believe that love is real, love connects us and recognize that everyone is going through something, carrying their own burden, their own baggage, we should just take the time to help each other put down the bags and rest…in the light of love, the power that is the best part of all of us.