What Is a Vidéage® ?

A Vidéage® is my particular style that is a collection of moving stills, time lapse, and video all choreographed to music.


Points East - Prince Edward Island

We were commissioned to photograph the eastern part of Prince Edward Island. It was a wonderful experience and a fantastic opportunity to get creative with the work. This Vidéage® is intended as an audio visual meditation that captures the grace and beauty of this amazing island. I hope you enjoy it!

The Great American Coastline - The Pacific

Gareth Rockliffe and his wife and fellow photographer,Jan Soderquist, travel up the West coast from San Diego California to Cape Flattery in Washington State. Their quest is to capture the soulful beauty of America's coastline as it unfolds in front their lens' This Vidéage® is an audio visual meditation using a collection of their favorite images set to the impeccable music of composer Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

The Other Side Of Necker

We were commissioned to photograph the flora and fauna that inhabits Necker Island. The images were all used in an updated version of the Necker Guide. This is a slideshow of the images that appeared in the guide book.

Pier Review

This was first experiment shooting video.I've been a stills photographer for most of my life. Now with the new generation of HD SLR cameras I'm finding the creative opportunities to be endless. I thought this self assignment would enable me to use my "portrait" eye to capture the personalities that collect at the Naples pier, from young lovers and vacationers to serious fishermen. All was shot one afternoon and evening using the Canon 5D MkII a 70-200 lens, a 50mm and a 24-70 lens.